Reptile Show in New Orleans, LA

Visit our upcoming reptile show in New Orleans, LA
Reptile Show in New Orleans, LA
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  • Venomous Rules

Bringing thousands of reptiles, amphibians, insects, feeders, and supplies to the Big Easy! Join us for our first show of 2021 coming September 25th and 26th at the Alario Center in Westwego! Even more animals, vendors, and exhibits will be on display and for sale! Bring out the entire family and check out our Kid's Corner educational section, and the Avian and Exotic Vet doing health checks! This one is going to be huge! Show and sale open to the public!

This is a HOT show! Venomous and Large Constrictors will be for sale!

  • Saturday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Sunday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Alario Center – Hall C
2000 Segnette Blvd., Westwego, LA, New Orleans, LA, 70094

Vendor List

  • 3rd Coast Ball Pythons
  • Avian and Exotic Animal Hospital
  • Bailey and Bailey Reptiles
  • Bay Area Exotic Pets
  • Bayou Bend Reptiles
  • Best Exotics
  • Big Easy Reptiles
  • Birdytown Exotics
  • Blackburn Exotics
  • BND Morphs
  • Brandi O’Quinn Independent Scentsy Consultant
  • C&T Herps
  • Coast Reptiles
  • CornBalls
  • CrawlSpace
  • Crescent Exotics
  • CrestieWorx and Carnivorous Plants
  • Cypress State Reptiles
  • E Squared Exotics
  • Gecko World Austin
  • Ghann’s Cricket Farm
  • Ginger Snaps Exotic Reptiles
  • Goliath Arachnids
  • Gopher Your Pet
  • Grant Family Exotics
  • Gulf Reptiles
  • High Scale Reptiles and Enclosures
  • Hot Boxed Exotics
  • House Of Dragons
  • Incredible Jumpers
  • J&A Reptiles
  • Knockout Exotics
  • Laura's STEM Creations
  • Lavish Exotics
  • Lone Star Reptile Racks
  • Lou Lou’s Worms
  • Lovins Reptiles
  • LS Critters and Creations
  • Morris Wendling Reptiles
  • MR Reptiles
  • NELA Reptiles
  • No Drama Llama Pet Shop
  • Once Upon a Gecko
  • Peachy Exotics
  • Pineapple Exotics
  • Pink Pitbull Productions
  • Polished by JnL
  • R&R Dragons
  • Reptiles2You
  • Rita's Reptiles
  • Rita’s Roaches
  • Rob and Mags Exotics
  • Rowdy Reptiles
  • SafAri Tails M1
  • Scaley Pets and Friends
  • Simply Bio
  • Simply Serpents
  • Sinful Serpents Exotics
  • Soaring Snakes
  • Southern Reptile Supplies C1, L11-L12
  • The Leather Garden
  • The Rodent Shoppe
  • The Undertaker’s Vault
  • Tom Harbin Reptiles
  • Venom Proof Cages
  • What The Geck - Reptiles & More
  • ZooNation

We are bringing HOTS to HERPS New Orleans!

Below are the rules that every vendor and customer must abide by. Disregard of these rules will have you escorted out of the building with no refund. Please follow these guidelines at all times.

All vendors and customers must sign our waiver releasing NightGlow Reptiles LLC, Houston Exotic Reptile and Pet Shows – HERPS, and The Alario Center, and Jefferson Parish from all liability regarding bites, injuries, escaped animals, legal actions, legal fees, and accidents. There are no exceptions. Please select the Vendor Liability form for vendors, and the HERPS Venomous Liability Waiver for customers. Please print, sign, date, and bring with you to the show. We have Customer Liability waivers at the entrance before purchasing tickets. 


*All vendors selling venomous or large constrictors must fill out and return the following Restricted Snake permit to Jeff Boundy at


All vendors will have to show proper permits before being allowed to set up. 

At no time will any venomous animals be allowed to be removed from their enclosure. All display enclosure must have visible locking mechanisms, and all deli cups must be secured using RED tape and marked “Venomous Reptile”. We will have a room set aside for vendors that need to clean, sex, remove the animal, etc. Snakes must be tubed for sexing, and an experienced HERPS staff member will be on hand. 

All vendors are responsible for their animals. We will have several people there that will assist with a walk through the morning before the show opens, and before any other vendors are allowed in. We ask that venomous vendors arrive 30 minutes prior to our normal vendor load in and set up times.

Each vendor is responsible for asking for proper ID, experience of the potential buyer, and should make the decision whether or not to sell to any individual. HERPS will side with the vendor at all times in this matter. 

Absolutely no venomous animal will be allowed to be carried in or out of the show in a snake bag or deli cup with no tape. No buyers will be allowed to carry the animal(s) around the expo floor. Once a sale is made, the vendor will hold the animal until the buyer is ready to leave the premises. At that time, a security member will escort the buyer out of the building and release the animal to the buyer. 

Sales outside of the building will not be tolerated. Animals will not be allowed to be taken outside to be shown to potential buyers, and both the buyer and the vendor will be escorted off of the premises if this takes place. 

No venomoids or altered animals will be allowed to be sold or displayed at the show. You will be asked to leave the premises and will be offered no refund.

At no time during the show will a venomous vendor’s table be left unattended. You must make sure you have adequate staff to have your table covered at all times

Absolutely no venomous animals may be brought into the expo by attendees. You may not have venomous animals delivered to the show if you are a vendor. You both will be asked to leave. 

Venomous animals must be displayed in a manner so that they cannot be accidentally dropped or picked up off of the table. Each vendor is responsible for netting if they choose to use it, but it is not required. 

No animals can be sold that violate local, county, state, or federal laws. You are responsible for knowing these laws. If there is a discrepancy, HERPS reserves the right to have the vendor remove the animal from the premises.


What Our Customers Say

Amber C.
This makes the second time my son and I have been to the Conroe Expo and it was amazing both times. All the vendors are so friendly and helpful. Both times we have made a purchase that we are all to happy with. I took my nephew this time he is 2...
Meredith G.B.
This is one of the cleanest, well-run shows I’ve seen. Lots of vendors, both small and large, with plenty of variety, for all kinds of reptile lovers. The safe and well regulated inclusion of hots lends to this variety! I enjoyed my visit to the...
Shane H.
First year attending, an I'm glad I stumbled upon this event! Definitely be a regular from now on and can't wait until my lady and I get a bigger place so we can start buying and breeding some of these amazing reptiles! I'm a huge fan of deadly...
Jessica I.
Super fun event! All the vendors were really nice and helpful, and were all about letting the kids have a fun experience. Lots of neat stuff, everything from frogs, and snakes to a hairless cat and a wolf!
Lauren H.
Me and my 8 year old son had a blast this year at the show in dripping springs! We loved seeing all the venomous snakes, and handling all the non venomous! My son got his first snake, and everybody was so helpful in helping him pick one that was...
Califia H.
I have attended a couple of HERPS shows, and vended two as an artisan. I can safely say, as both customer and artisan, that this show is one of the best I have ever been a part of. Shawn and Lori make their vendor's needs top of the list, and...
Melissa G.K.
We had a fabulous time! Everyone was so great with my kids, they learned a lot and had a blast. We came home with a new family member and couldn't be happier. We'll definitely be back!
Aleksandra M.
We bought a beautiful little tiny bundle of evil joy, who we now call Coco Channel. There was a lot to see and a lot to experience. Honestly a few hours is not enough. It was probably one of the most fun days I’ve had in my life. We got to...
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